Smart Partnership

In other words, hoteliers should focus on their core competency in order to achieve a high level of efficiency as well as to keep abreast with the ever changing environment in response to customers' needs. Assuming hotel management is identified as a core competency, a strategic partnership with Radiance Hospitality Group with our core competency in supply of raw materials/manpower resources/ equipment, transportation, designing, commissioning, maintenance, etc, would be of tremendous benefits to all parties including the prospective future partner.

This smart partnership can be created through many legitimate ways including a simple service level agreement, joint-venture agreement, distribution rights agreement and licensing agreement. Effectively, the functions are outsourced to companies with the relevant core competencies, i.e. activities for which they have the expertise.

In embracing smart partnership, Radiance Hospitality Group would be focusing on its core expertise and the strategic partners would do the rest. Hence, Radiance Hospitality Group and its partners would be able to reap the benefits of a smart partnership, which would include:

  • A win-win partnership for both the Hotel Owner & Radiance Hospitality Group.
  • Radiance Hospitality Group shall offer to lease & manage the Hotel for a specific duration with fair and reasonable terms and conditions.
  • Radiance Hospitality Group shall provide the Owner, at anytime or at the end of the lease, the option to sell the Hotel to Radiance Hospitality Group or to another party, subject to a mutually agreed pre-determined valuation & consideration.
  • Radiance Hospitality Group may consider, where and when appropriate, the injection of funds to upgrade, refurbish & renovate the hotel to meet the standards of Radiance Hospitality Group hence enhancing the Market & Shareholders' Values.
  • The Hotel benefits from Radiance Hospitality Group's professional management expertise, world-wide marketing affiliations & Central Reservation network.
  • The Owner benefits from being a part of an expanding international hotel company.

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