Franchise Concept

Franchise opportunities are now available as part of our Group's latest development through a hotel prototype that exemplifies the brand concept and character. Aligning with Radiance Hospitality Group will allow you to round out your portfolio with one of the world's most respected and well-known hotel brands and some benefits include:

  • An opportunity for budding hoteliers and Owner of premises to operate a 2-star Inn of an acceptable international-class standard of products and services under an incentive-driven scheme with minimal initial capital outlay and investment.
  • Radiance Hospitality Group shall provide the complete Franchise concept kit which includes: management; access to marketing and reservation resources and representation; technical training & recruitment; regular operational & financial audits; and update analysis of the latest technology & market trends.
  • Radiance Hospitality Group shall provide the appropriate funding strategy & requirements in the most cost-effective manner which include Technical Services & Solution to design, renovate & refurbish the premises into an acceptable Franchise concept.
  • Preference is given to Owners or Lease-Holders of suitable premises or buildings at vibrant locations with potential for success.
  • Flexible Terms depending on extent of Radiance Hospitality Group's investment in each property & location.

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