Advance Tertiary School

Advance Tertiary College (ATC) was formed in 1987 to provide local educational opportunities for school leavers and working adults. Its aim is to provide students with access to tertiary and professional education that is affordable yet maintaining the highest level of academic standards.

In the last decade, atc has become the largest private law school in this region with two campuses in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang), one in Singapore and a joint venture partnership in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Its business school has also grown to offer a variety of certificate and diploma programmes that are contemporary and market-driven.

Advance Tertiary College (ATC) is internationally recognized as a premier law and business school with a global perspective that educates leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world.

The core mission of ATC is to promote learning in the best of traditions. The college offers undergraduate, graduate and professional students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as persons and professionals, and the values and sensitivities necessary to be men and women who lead others. The College distinguishes itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high quality scholarship and academic rigor sustained by a faith in the core values of education. The college will draw from the cultural, intellectual and economic resources of the various countries in which it has a presence to enrich and strengthen its educational programs.

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