All Prefer

All hotels under Radiance Hospitality Group are using the same system called "All Prefer" in powering their booking online from their own website. The system invented to be a user friendly, fast responsive and accurateness to create ultimate hassle free experience to our guests.

The system are build in with the membership program, the program that designed to rewards a member instant benefits from their very first stay and it's is free to join. The rewards not limit to our hotels but to other 100 participating hotels and resorts worldwide.

No rewards point offer, no waiting for the redemption and no different treatment of each level membership. All members are treated equally and happiness are guaranteed. Besides, members are also entitled to other offer such as free room upgrade, free freebies or free amenities by participating hotels exclusively to All Prefer's membership.

There is no reason why our guests paying extra to online agents while they can have immediate 5% discount on top of the selling rate online once they have converted to be All Prefer member.

  • Instant Confirmation
  • Paying lower rate directly to hotel
  • No booking fee

Start Joining Us Today and turn your trip a great saving holiday.

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